Graphic Design Packages (Summer 2023)

👨🏾‍💻 🟥▪️#EmProGraffix aka EPG is your full service source for graphic design, all types of printing, creative marketing and innovative solutions. 💪🏾We’re here to help you elevate your business/brand. 📈 Lets Get 2 Work 📣

♦️ Maximize your event promotion with an EPG Graphic Design Package 

♦️ Tailored to best suit your campaign needs 🕰 24-48hr turnaround on most graphic orders ✅

♦️ Offering all the essentials you need for successful marketing in one place, these design packages will get your campaign rolling while also helping you cut back on costs and stay on schedule. 🚨 📝

♦️ Motion Graphics + Printing Available

📌 Special Rates for Summer 2023 👀