Custom Logo Design / Brand Creation (Initial Project Deposit)

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If you need to have a professional and stunning logo designed for business or personal use, then this option serves as the initial project deposit for your logo design or brand creation project. Please provide us with your best contact method and times for contact so we can further discuss the details of your project in order to determine the desired look and protected project total.

The deposit funds will go towards the final project total. No refunds will be processed after the first drafts are sent.

Once we have an understanding of your request and the deposit is received then we can start on the initial artwork and send you the initial drafts for proofing. We will then adjust the drafts based on your specific requests and work towards completion of your logo. Once you confirm satisfaction of your logo and the balance is paid then at that point we can finalize and send you the completed images/files.

Our completed logos are high resolution and vectored for your future online and print projects. (Includes formats .png, pdf, eps, svg, tiff, jpg)